1 year in pictures

I’ve mentioned few days ago, August hasn’t been my most productive month. Exact the opposite in fact. However, it provided me with an important reflection of how it would be like if I resigned on my dietary and exercise rules. So at the end of the day, it’s been a huge motivation as well and I’m grateful for that. The good news is, that based on the pictures comparison, it actually seems that there was some small positive progress despite this fact. Continue reading


1 year of change

So it’s been one year since I decided to change my life overnight, or ‘overmorning’ in fact. One year ago, I knew this was about to be for the rest of my life. Nonetheless, at that time I didn’t consider it as an ongoing never ending process of changes and could not see how far the changes will go. Now I know it for sure, or at least for sure for now. Continue reading

Struggling not only with time

It’s been a few weeks since I started again to take physiotherapy. We’ve gone through the things that are wrong and I need to improve as well as through bunch of new and demanding exercise. However, I lack time to practice it. August turned suddenly in a month when I didn’t have time for anything – not work nor workout. I’ve gone through my timesheet from this year and it partly seems that my extensive work and workout schedule from the first half of the year kind of caught me now. Continue reading

My sinful hiking weekend

I decided to spend this weekend with hiking in the rocks. There are four major ‘rock cities’ in Southeastern Bohemia. The original plan was to go through all four of them during those two days. This means overall 30 km (18.6 miles) mostly in tough terrain, including some minor rock climbing necessary to get around, mainly in one of those areas strictly intended for locals and full of warnings for those, who did not grow here as I did. But there was even a ‘dark side’ of this weekend – the diet! Continue reading

What everything went wrong with my back

That could be the summary of today’s first physiotherapy I had after more than 7 months break. Apparently, the results of my exercise are more than visible. Unfortunately, not all changes were positive. But I’m quite sure, within following 6 weeks, Dušan will help me to get rid of all negative impacts of my former workouts. Continue reading

10 months of new lifestyle

So it’s been 10 months of my new lifestyle this Sunday. It sounds a bit insane to me since I still feel like it was almost yesterday. The thing is that even though two out of three targets have been achieved, there’s still the six-pack one I want and need to achieve. However, the current development as you can see from pictures below reveals that it will need some additional time. Continue reading

Working out a lot and getting sick

OK, so in recent week I got pretty much back on track of intensive everyday workout peaking on Thursday, when I had my hydrotherapy including intensive workout in the pool in the early afternoon and rollerblade training later on. It was 3rd time in my life I stood on inline skates and for the first time I was able to finally go to a normal inline track and rollerblade for a while. However, Friday evening, my plans got changed. Continue reading